Whole House Water Filters

A Whole House Water Filter Can Supply Every Faucet In Your Home, Including The Shower And Bath, With Clean Water

For some people having one faucet equipped with a filter is not enough. If you want to have filtered water in every facet of your home installing a whole house water filter is your best option.

There’s a big price jump with a whole house unit vs the single faucet filter, and the installation will require a person who knows a little bit about plumbing, but the payoff is your entire home will have pure water flowing from every faucet. That includes the shower and bath.

Another benefit of a whole house water filtration system is that the unit is kept out of site because it’s attached to the main water pipe in your home. This makes it less obtrusive then any single faucet filter, or shower filter.

The Rhino Whole House Water Filter

Not many companies sell high volume water filters for private use. Of the ones that do it’s the Rhino whole house water filter that’s best suited for most homes. The Rhino EQ-300 can filter 300,000 gallons of water before you need to replace the filter, other brands top out at 75,000 gallons.

The Rhino’s performance claims are backed by 3rd party testing. This is important because most of the time you can’t trust the claims made by any manufacturer. The Rhino’s ability to remove chlorine, odor, sediment, and other common waste found in drinking water has been proved by the Underwriters Laboratories and the National Sanitation Foundation.

The Rhino’s 4 Stage Filtration Process Explained

Unlike most water filters designed for low volume home use, the Rhino EQ-300 is an industrial strength workhorse. The 4 stage filtration process that’s unique to the Rhino is unmatched among water filter sold for homes. Here’s a brief run down on how it works:

Stage 1: Pre-Filtering The Water – The first step in the filtration process is to pre-filter the water using a special filter that removes sediment from the water. This not only improves the quality of the water, but allows the main filter to operate more efficiently.

Stage 2: Water Atomization – “Water atomization” is a process used to safely remove chlorine from the water.

Stage 3: The Main Filter – This step uses active carbon which the EPA calls the best water filtration technology.

Stage 4 Absorption – This step uses a coconut shell-based activated carbon for it high adsorptive capacity.

After you install the Rhino (which takes about 1-2 hours) you won’t have to worry about it for years, 3 years to be exact. When you do need to change the main filter it’s a simple job that does not require a plumber.


Until recently you could only order the Rhino through a Franchised Dealer for no less then $1,495. Now you can order it FACTORY DIRECT from the Aquasana web site for almost 1/2 the price.