Shower Water Filters

See Why The Water You Bathe With Is Just As Important To Your Health As The Water You Drink

Shower filtration has gained popularity because more and more people are realizing that chemicals enter your skin while showering AND drinking water. The main reason is that your skin absorbs things much faster in hot water because It opens your body’s pores and lets chemicals seep into the skin. This can increase certain types of cancer in a worst case scenario, but more common is the wear and tear it places on your skin.

Why Showering With Unfiltered Water Is Bad For Your Skin

While showering your skin becomes soft and the pores open up. This greatly enhances the rate your skin absorbs the chlorine, and other chemicals found in water. The steam inhaled while taking a hot shower contains chlorine 20 times higher than the normal drinking water levels. These chemicals vaporize faster than water, and at a lower temperature. The inhalation of chlorine causes irritation to the lungs and leads to severe respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

Chemicals inhaled in this manner directly enter the blood stream through lung tissues. The damage caused is more severe compared to ingesting chemicals via food or water as those are partially filtered by your liver and kidneys.

The Cosmetic Benefits Of Owning A Shower Water Filter

Filtered water does more then just improve your health. It’s also improves the way you look. Filtered water acts as a smoothing agent for your skin. Unfiltered water causes skin damage, premature wrinkles, and signs of ageing. It also dry’s your skin and can cause rashes.

Unfiltered water is bad for your hair too. If you’ve ever swam in a swimming pool you know how bad chlorine is for your hair. Now imagine washing your hair with chlorine laced water every day of your life, and you can begin to understand the terrible effects this can have.

Your hair and skin retain moisture for a longer time if they are not exposed to harsh tap water containing chlorine. Filtered water gives a healthier look to your skin and hair. This will reduce the need for expensive cosmetics and lotions required to maintain soft, healthy skin.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter

The Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter is a unique product with a exclusive design and features. It has a well designed two filter system that gives you chlorine free water. This gives you a healthier and enjoyable shower experience. The high capacity filter is very attractive can be easily installed. It is the most beneficial addition you can add to any shower. And it costs less then $90! The only other way you can get filtered water in your shower is with whole house water filters which can cost $800 dollars or more. That makes this shower filter an exceptional bargain.

How The Aquasana Shower Filter Works

The Aquasana AQ-4100 Shower Filter reduces chlorine and maintains the waters pH balance by passing the water through granular copper and zinc medium. The harmful chlorine molecules are reduced to harmless zinc chloride that does not get absorbed by the skin. A high grade coconut shell based carbon, is used to reduce the synthetic chemicals in the water. The steam from your shower can be safely inhaled when you use the Aquasana shower filtration system.

This water filter for your shower head is fully adjustable and can be tuned to enhance the shower pressure. The cartridge is also replaceable and only needs to be changed every 6 months.

This shower filter is one of the most unique and beneficial product designed by Aquasana. You can order your own shower filter directly from Aquasana by going to their web site